Kamis, 14 September 2017

Never be Apart

See the power of love
There is no way to make we life
Someday I was born in the sea
My skin is very smooth
But you trust me that’s I’m softly
Did you know, sweetheart?
Our dream is never come back
Because your mind is not belive again
So I must run and run until  I’m mad
Everybody laugh to me
They are not understand
Never give me chance to make a reason
They are called me “Strange People”
My blood is empty very much
Alone and influence
The time is your embrace
I never know what is your feeling
Cause you are quite like mount Everst
coban arema - dok. pribadi

But I know and understand
Never be Apart
Between you and me
It’s not your willing anymore
Bye, bye, bye
Wait for me to walking out
Fire and snow has falling down together in my heart

Not together- forever, my ranger! Mlg.


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